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Hello all and welcome.  My name is prompt-girl and I will be telling you all about the daily adventures in the media/production/television world from the eyes of Eloquence Production and Autocue Services.

There are so many stories to tell!

Let me first of all introduce you to the crew:-

Sam – Me, owner of Eloquence Production and Autocue Services. I am responsible for keeping us all in work. I absolutely love my job and wouldn’t change a thing about it.

Jo – Autocue/Prompt Operator, Has been an operator for a while now and still loves her job. She travels the length and breadth of the United Kingdom and the clients love her.

Angela – Script Supervisor and Autocue/Prompt Operator. Lives ooooop north and works the TV scene.

Mat – Camera/Sound/Lighting Operator, Cheery Brummie who is fantastic with our cients and loves scary extreme sports.

Jonny – Camera/Sound/Lighting Operator, Crafty Cockney who will do anything to please the clients (even stand up in a speed boat!!!)

Mike – Financial Director/Admin Assistant – 38 Years working for a well known high street Bank and loves money therefore creating invoices and chasing money is his favourite job ????

There are other Autocue/Prompt operators and cameramen we use and recommend, but the above are my most trusted and valued crew!!

We go about the world saving presenters from stuttering their words and freezing on the spot with fear.

We make them look awesome with our up to date cameras and lighting – and sound terrific with booms or lapel mics.

Once we have them looking gorgeous and sounding amazing, we then have them reading confidently with clear and expertly edited scripts on a variety of prompting screen, kits and glasses.

AND we all enjoy it too!!

Right, that is it for now, speak soon.


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