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Afternoon all, I am sat in my office freezing cold and I ask myself THE question – Is it too early to put the heating on?

Why are Britains never satisfied with our weather?  You never hear anyone saying “oooooo the weather is just right today”

Anyway, I am going to start dishing out quotes that will attempt to inspire us all to be bigger, better and more successful in our chosen paths.

The summer is a strange time.  The weather becomes lovely, heads are held high and peoples frowns turn upside down.  However, the summer is a double edged sword for any one who is a Freelancer in the production/media and broadcasting world.  It is a time for uncertainty, nervousness and self doubt – “Will I ever get any work” – “No jobs” – “Bills need paying”.  You know the drill.

In the world of Autocue/Prompting, presenters decide to “go it alone” and, should I say it, “learn” their scripts – how dare they!  Don’t they know they are putting us out of work!  All presenters should be unprofessional and demand Autocue!

So during this period of gorgeous weather (not today), wasp infested world of insecurity, I leave you with this nugget…………

Success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from failure, loyalty, persistence – oh, and a “Waspinator”!!!

Have an awesome weekend everyone!!!

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